Referral Program

BITCFarm provides a unique referral program that allows you to profit from you the miners you refer to our pool. Participation in our affiliate program is simple, and we offer a variety of ways to increase your monthly income.

The affiliate payout is dependent on the number of clients you refer to BTCFarm. The more pool participants you refer to our program, the higher the payout BITCFarm pays out. Our affiliate program is available for any existing pool participant. Here are the easy steps to sign up!

  • Register for your plan.
  • Begin mining.
  • Use our back-office to request your affiliate link.
  • Register pool participants using your unique affiliate link.
  • You can track your earnings in our back office.

We are currently looking for master affiliates to help us expand our pool in numerous international markets. If you have experience with affiliate/network marketing, please fill out our contact form and one of our Institutional Business Development representatives will reach out to you.

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